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Knysna Lagoon for swimming, fishing, sailing and ferry trips



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Fishing boat returns through Knysna Heads
View of Knysna Lagoon from
the Heads view site

One of the many Knysna ferries
Small ferry boat cruises past
a luxury homestead

Kayaking at the Heads
Sea kayak returns from the
challenge of the open sea

Knysna Lagoon is actually an estuary, providing valuable nutrients to the ecology of the coastline. The lagoon is a water sport haven. Fishing, both estuarine and deep sea, is perhaps the most popular activity. Fishing licenses are required and are easily obtainable at the local post office.
Sailing is another popular activity - from sailboards to large ocean going yachts. Knysna has one of the oldest Yacht Clubs in South Africa.
In the late afternoons a score of kayaks paddle up the lagoon as the local teams train for competitions. And for the more adventurous there is the challenge of going through the Heads into the open sea in a sea kayak.
Visitors can hire boats and canoes from various boating companies. There are a number of ferries taking visitors around the lagoon. Various charter options are available for deep sea fishing or whale and dolphin watching. The best time for watching whales is from August to October.
Swimming at Leisure Isle on the side facing the Heads and scuba diving at the Heads. 

Keen on fishing? Here is a 3.2kg spotted grunter caught in Knysna Lagoon
Sometimes you catch, sometimes
you don't. That's fishing
Photographs © Chris Daly

An armada of vessels on Knysna Lagoon
An armada of vessels await
the arrival of a navy boat

Knysna Lagoon is popular for all kinds of sailing
Sailing is very popular on the
lagoon. An eco friendly sport

Knysna offers deep sea and lagoon fishing
Bemused seagull watches
as anglers try their luck

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